We provide one to one consultancy and mentoring for both individuals and businesses. We have a series of mentoring packages to offer depending on your business aims and needs. Our one to one mentoring helps you to -

- Assess where you are now and where you want to be next.
- Create a clear plan to enable you to work towards your goals and targets.
- Form the contacts and connections you need for effective business development.
- Create the accountability you need in order to make steady progress.
- Have regular contact with a professional in your field, who has their own personal experience of building a creative business and who can advise you on how to grow yours. 


Creating a strong visual signature that promotes your talents or products is an essential part of any business development. For individual artists, photographers and designers the folio of work you present, and how you present it, is an important factor in attracting galleries and outlets to you. For all businesses a strong visual online presence is vital in attracting the buyers and clients you need to grow. We can take you through a series of steps to support this process by -

- Helping you create a portfolio that targets the people or business you need to reach
- Creating a strong branding profile for designers, stylists and outlets that need to reach and engage with their niche market.
- Creating a plan for website design, logo design and online visuals that present an effective online presence.