We provide mentoring, business consultancy and design for people and companies that need to develop a strong visual profile.

We work with -
- Fine Artists.
- Fashion Designers and Fashion businesses.
- Interior Designers, Garden Designers, Architects and Home Decor Companies
- Crafts People and Makers.
- Photographers and Film Makers.
- Graphic Designers and Illustrators
- Lifestyle Companies.

We support people in the creative industries by -
- Providing one to one mentoring and planning.
- Creating a clear business strategy to set and achieve goals.
- Helping to create a professional portfolio of work.
- Advising on presentation and promotion.
- Providing website design and also advising on social media strategy.
- Creating branding and strong visual signatures for both companies and individuals.

Creative Juice was initially developed by fine artist Felicity Keefe to enable Artists and Designers to develop their practice and businesses with the support of experienced creatives. She now works with a freelance team of mentors, designers and business advisers to provide a range of services for individuals and companies.